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Not On My Watch

Not on My Watch: Hollywood vs. the Future
Co-authors Peter Dekom & Peter Sealey
The New Millennium Entertainment
Beverly Hills, California


Simplicity Marketing

Simplicity Marketing:
End Brand Complexity, Clutter and Confusion

Co-authors Peter Sealey & Steven Cristol
The Free Press
Division of Simon & Schuster
ISBN 0-684-85918-1

Simplicity Marketing has been published in 9 languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Complex), Korean, Japanese, Arabic, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese

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The Strategic Impact of Information Technology on the Relationship Between Supplier and Retailer in the Grocery Industry
Doctoral Dissertation
Peter F. Drucker Graduate Management Center
Claremont Graduate University, 1994
Available from UMI Dissertation Services,
300 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106

Brand Building in the 21st Century
The Advertiser
Publication of the Association of National Advertisers
October/November 1999

Harvard Business Review

How E-commerce Will Trump Brand Management
Harvard Business Review
July/August 1999


La Construccion De La Internet: Una Perspectiva Desde Estados Unidos
Marketing & Ventas
Novembre/Diciembre 2001 How E-commerce Will Trump Brand Management
How E-commerce Will Trump Brand Management


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They Say They Want a Revolution

Peter Sealey Contributing Author.
ISBN: 0-595-29838-9
Published October 2003, 170 Pages, $16.95

A revolution has rocked the marketing world with the consumer seizing total control. A consumer revolution so quiet and efficient, there's barely been a ripple on the surface of everyday life. The traditional approach to marketing in dead, obsolete and not to be resuscitated.